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What does the Word of God tell us this Sunday? Feast St, Matthew Apostle

The story of the vocation of Matthew is very brief, direct and straightforward, however, it describes an encounter so personal that it does not need more words to describe that encounter between a public sinner like Matthew, and Jesus, the Son of God. A radical conversion happened in Matthew.

When the Lord passed by the evangelist “he stopped, he did not rush past him, he looked at him without haste, he looked at him with peace. He looked at him with eyes of mercy and forgiveness; he looked at him like no one had ever looked at him before. And that look opened his heart, opened his eyes to find the possibility of a new life, not centered on selfishness or wealth, but on the generosity of sharing.

Although sometimes we dare not look up to meet our God, He always looks at us first, he knows us, he seeks us. In our personal story, like that of Matthew, each of us can say: “I too am a sinner on whom Jesus set his sights” and without judging or condemning me, he invites me to change, to be his disciple to serve others.

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